Godric Cycling 2012 Hill Climb Results

The Godric/Norwich A.B.C./East Anglian C. C. Hill Climb was held on a fine Sunday morning on an 0.86 mile hill at Stoke Holy Cross on 14th October 2012.

The event was won by J. Power (Strada Sport) in a time of 2min.24.8 seconds. with James Trenchard (Godric C.C.) second in 2min.26.2 seconds,to become the Godric Hill Climb Champion in a new Club record time for the hill.

Sally Withey (VC Norwich) finished in 3min.08.9sec., a new ladies course record.

1 J. Power Strada Sport 02:24.8
2 J. Trenchard Godric C. C. 02:26.2
3 I. Robertson Tri Anglia 02:28.2
4 S. Scott Anglia Velo 02:32.3
5 R. Pell Norwich A. B. C. 02:34.3
6 J. Turner Norwich A. B. C. 02:35.5
7 R. Lines Tri Anglia 02:49.4
8= M. Power N/A 03:01.8
8= B. Davies Anglia Velo 03:01.8
10 I. Johnson Deal Tri 03:05.5
11 Sally Withey V C Norwich 03:08.9
12 C. Read East Anglian C. C. 03:11.3
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