Coaching Session – This Saturday 26th October 10:00am

Scott is running a coaching session this Saturday at 10:00am at Bungay
High School.

The session will last one hour. It will take place on the all weather

The session will be on Group Riding and will cover:

– Leading and Following
– Riding Next to Another Rider
– Riding Surrounded by Other Riders
– Overtaking in a group

The session is suitable for novice or experienced cyclists and you’ll
get the chance to ask questions and get feedback on the session. The
session will also be attended by a British Cycling coach, Chris Smith –
so you’ll get the chance to ask him a few questions at the end of the
session as well. Chris is assessing Scott’s session.

You will need:

– A bike in good working order (any type of bike is fine)
– A helmet (you must wear a helmet to take part)
– Suitable clothes for the session

If you are under 18 you will need a completed parental consent form.

As well as this being a free coaching session Scott also need people to
attend as this will form part of his coaching assessment from British
Cycling for his Level 2 coaching qualification.

If you have any questions about the session or whether you think you may
be suitable please let him know.

If you can come along can you please let him know so he can confirm the

You can contact Scott on