CTT have confirmed ban on events extended until at least the 12th July, Paul has posted to confirm that we will look at go ahead on 14th….same basis as detailed below ….first to sign on, on the night is in etc but if anyone has paid for 5 rides will can arrange to get one refunded….guess this will also all depend on them not extending the ban further but we will keep you posted…..

Club 10 TT’S will start on the
7th 14th July at 7pm. Meet at the usual grass triangle at Earsham. This date is subject to change should advice from CTT be revised.

For the safety of all involved there will need to be some changes to the way we do things for the time being. The following points need to be observed.

1. IF YOU ARE FEELING UNWELL in any way please do not come to the event. Do not put yourself or others at risk. Please adhere to social distancing guidelines at all times whilst attending the event.

2. There will be no 2 ups or tandems allowed as per the CTT Covid 19 Risk Assessment, which can be found on the CTT website here https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/docum…/index/organisers

3. Normal CTT Rules apply to drafting and if passing another rider allow plenty of room to pass.

4. Payment for the event/s can only be made by online banking to the Godric Cycling Club HSBC account. The sort code is: 40-09-24, Account no: 21368761. Please make sure your name is given as a reference so we can track payment to you! We will not be accepting cash payments. You will need to arrange to pay prior to riding as you will be asked to confirm payment when signing on, if you haven’t paid you will not be allowed to start. If the event is cancelled on the day for any reason your payment will roll over to the following week or repaid whichever the rider prefers. Godric Club Riders are £4.00 and other Club riders £5.00.

5. Signing on will close at 6.40pm so give yourself plenty of time to get to the event. Signing on will be at the Grass Triangle as normal. Please sign on with your OWN PEN giving name, club and emergency phone Number. You will also be asked to confirm your payment. You will be able to collect your number at the signing on point. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN PINS. We are planning on using ‘one use’, disposable numbers to minimise risk. 

6. Please park sensibly bearing in mind social distancing. We do not want to upset any residents of Earsham as this could lead to cancellation of future events.

7. Helmets are recommended and a rear light is essential. The light must be in full working order at the start. Having a rear light is now a CTT regulation therefore no light = no ride, there will be no allowance on this rule.

8. At the start you need to observe social distancing. This includes keeping your distance from the timekeeper and fellow riders. The timekeeper will call you to the line. THERE WILL BE NO PUSHER OFF.

9. On completion of your ride DO NOT GO BACK TO THE TIMEKEEPER OR GATHER NEAR THE FINISH. Please return to your vehicle. Provisional results will be posted on the Godric Facebook page later that evening and on the Godric Club website within a couple of days.

Rider limit will be 50. This will be based on sign on, first come, first served…..If anyone pays and cannot ride due to numbers then we will issue a refund. 

Any questions or concerns then please do comment or send a DM.

Please spread the word to those not on Facebook or social media. Please share with your fellow clubs. 

We look forward to seeing you all, from a safe distance 

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