The Godric Cycling Club runs a series of events throughout the year. This page will be updated throughout the year with results of its events.

Note: Winner will be highlighted and the first Godric CC male and female riders, senior and junior.

GODRIC C.C. CLUB 10 MILE T.T COURSE B10/44 – 25/04/17
Harley Mtthews Dap CC 20.35
Mark Richards VCB 21.29
Simon Scott Anglia Velo 22.14
Liam Gentry VCB 22.16
Lucas He VCB 22.46
Tony Heather Team Skipper 23.20
James Chapman Team Skipper 24.26
Graham Dilks Godric CC 24.33
Robert Pitchers Private 25.53
John Swanbury VCB 26.25
Jonathan Lincoln GYCC 26.41
Alex He VCB 28.00
Angie Atkinson Godric CC 28.34
Pete Burwood Beccles Tri 28.37
Doug Reilly Anglia Velo 28.48
Jackie Bell Godric CC 31.20
Nikki Holland-Gladwish Godric CC 31.51

GODRIC C.C. CLUB 10 MILE T.T COURSE B10/44 – 08/04/17
Matt Ratcliffe Iceni Velo 22.21
Mark Saunders Rock Estate 22.40
Paul Haywood VC Baracchi 22.42
Paul Dennington VC Baracchi 22.55
Oliver Gardner Rock Estate 23.21
Nick Esser VC Baracchi 23.24
Dan Nichols Anglia Velo 23.27
Simon Asher Godric CC 23.39
Louis Julian Dap CC 23.39
Graham Dilks Norwich ABC 23.51
Stuart Chase Rock Estate 24.40
Josh Wing Godric CC 24.41
Gareth Townsend Iceni Velo 24.45
Malachy Curry (J) Godric CC 24.53
Adam O’Keefe Plomesgate CC 24.55
Tom Moore Gt Yarmouth CC 25.00
Jason Corner Diss & District CC 25.19
Jim Keebley Rock Estate 25.19
John Swanbury VC Baracchi 25.53
Nev Everett Diss & District CC 26.18
Steve Titchner Godric CC 26.27
Mitch Porter Anglia Velo 28.07
Jan Smith Gt Yarmouth CC 28.09
Angie Atkinson Godric CC 28.18
Doug Riley Anglia Velo 28.35
Mark Clarke Godric CC 28.44
John Vidler Clarion CC 30.30
James Soanes Private 31.05
DNF James Drake Rock Estate