Fast Sunday Ride Group

Ride List Information
You can find the most up to date ride list and event detail here:

Where possible we also have GPS tracks for club rides –

Current Ride List
The current list for can be found at:

If you have any questions please email us at: and we’ll be happy to help.

Start Time
In the winter (December, January, February) the rides start at 09:30am from the Bungay Buttercross. During the rest of the year the rides start at 09:00am

The group will ride at an average 17-19mph. This may increase during the summer months when the road conditions improve.

All members will start at the buttercross at the same time and will meet at the planned café stop at the estimated time. At the café stop riders from both groups can swap if they wish. This allows riders from the fast group to move to the Sunday ride group and vice versa.

The fast ride group may take a more direct and quicker route back to Bungay than the Sunday ride group.

Who can ride in the fast ride group?
Anyone! but…

It has been agreed that we would like to pre-qualify riders before they ride for the first time in the fast ride group. If a rider is unknown to a member and has no experience then we would ask them to ride in the Sunday ride group before then join the fast group. This allows a more experienced member of the Sunday group to evaluate their riding.

If a new rider is known by an existing member then they can be evaluated by them as to whether they can ride immediately in the fast group. If a new rider is not able to maintain the pace of the fast group on their first ride we may ask them to swap to the Sunday ride group at the café stop.

Ride etiquette

  • Riders are expected to signal to other members in the group when the notice road debris for example, potholes, rubble, gravel
  • Riders are also expected to signal other road hazards such as parked cars and oncoming cars on narrow roads
  • Whilst not mandatory mudguards should be considered during the winter
  • Regardless of the speed of any group we will not ‘drop’ any rider

I’m not a member?
We welcome non-members to come and try any of our rides at any time. It is a good opportunity to try the rides, the club, the distance and cycling.

If you have been out on a few rides and wish to continue you would be asked to join the club. Full adult membership is only £15 a year