Godric Cycling Club 2021 Event Dates


Open 10 mile event    Course B10/43. Start Time 14. 00hrs  HQ Wortwell
12th June 2021
Course B10/43 – HQ Wortwell VH

Entries via CTT website

Open 50 mile event
18th July 2021
Course B50/19 – Broome VH

Entries via CTT Website

Open 25 mile event
26th September 2021 Course B25/50 – Wortwell VH

Entries via CTT Website


10 MILE TT at Earsham

4th May 2021

11th May

18th May

25th May

1st June

8th June

15th June

29th June

6th July

13th July

20th July Club 2up and solos

27th July

3rd August

25 MILE TT at Earsham

22nd June  Club 25 mile trophy event

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